Custom project

Automated light transmission system

A system for the centre for process innovation in Sedgefield for measuring the turbidity of samples in vials.
Labman custom system: Automated light transmission system

Key features

MoveableMobile for transportation between laboratories
Easily modifiedExperiments can be added and removed with ease
Easy-to-use softwareUser friendly software interface for easy robot operation.
Advanced sensorsRed 4-element 650nm LED sensor
VersatileCompatible with multiple vial types
High throughputCan scan more than 12 vials per minute


System Overview.

This bespoke standalone automated system has been designed for the Centre of Process Innovation (CPI) in Sedgefield. The system uses an LED fiber-optic sensor to assess the light transmission through samples in a vial. The system is manually loaded with two different 17mm diameter tall clear glass vial types. The racks accommodate 192 vials and has been designed to ensure that the vials are aligned perfectly in a vertical orientation for optimal light transmission. The robot can analyse up to 180 vials per hour.

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“Once systems are operational the level of aftercare and support is second to none. I can say without question that Labman’s customer service is the best I have experienced from any vendor, automation or otherwise.”
— Lynn DonlonPrincipal Scientist - High Throughput Formulation



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