Custom project

Automated sample preparation system

Labman custom system: Automated sample preparation system

Key features

Parallel Process OperationParallel process operation to reduce cycletime
Disposable FiltersAutomatic 0.45um filtration using disposable filters
Overnight RunningCapacity to run overnight
Low CarryoverLow carryover when using fixed tips
Liquid HandlingLiquid handling with 0.5% CV
Low VolumesVolumes as low as 50ul


System Overview.

This system, installed in 2006, prepares samples ready for injection into an HPLC/MS analyser. Septum sealed tubes have liquid preservative and an inert gas injected into them. Tubes are tare weighed before various samples are dispensed into them and then reweighed to ascertain the amount of sample added. The contents of each tube are mixed and further reagent is added. The samples are re-homogenised before being filtered and dispensed into GC vials.



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