Custom project

Flux ore weigher

A system to accurately weigh ore directly from laboratory tubes. The ore can be weighed into the fusing dishes or into other containers.
Labman custom system: Flux ore weigher

Key features

LIMS InterfaceLIMS Interface
Flux & Ore WeighingFlux and Ore weighing
Sample TubesSystem uses existing sample tubes
Auger FeedingAuger Feeding
Balancing WeightBalance Weight recorded to 5dp
Barcode TrackingBarcode tracking of samples


System Overview.

The flux and ore weighing system shown here accurately weighs ore directly from standard disposable or reusable laboratory tubes. The ore can be weighed into the fusing dishes or into other containers. The flux is weighed from a hopper with a miniature auger and feedback from the balance is recorded. Target weights and sample ID forms are downloaded from the LIMS system and after each sample is completed the resulting weights are matched and transferred back to LIMS. Samples can be loaded and unloaded ‘live’ with a pause facility allowing the system to be started as soon as the first samples are available. Barcode tracking can be disabled for ‘off LIMS’ or other weighing processes. The accuracies of the feeds are typically two or three particles and very fine feeding can be obtained with well ground material. As well as handling ores the machine is designed to work with process samples and for weighing material for other analysers.



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