Custom project

High throughput precipitate detection system

A precipitate detecting system used to analyse liquid samples. A custom software algorithm automatically determines the amount of precipitate.
Labman custom system: High throughput precipitate detection system

Key features

Barcode tracked vialsBarcode tracked vials
Micronic Block Vortexers6 Micronic block vortexers (0-2500 rpm)
Transmission ScanningTransmission scanning using 470nm through beam senso
Level DetectionSoftware algorithm for precipitate level detection
LIMS SystemData output compatible with LIMS system
Micronic Blocks CapacityCapacity for 6 Micronic blocks
Cycle TimeCycle time of 45 seconds per sample


System Overview.

In 2007, Labman installed a precipitate detecting system in Siena, Italy. The system is used to analyse the amount of precipitate in liquid samples. Blocks of 96 Micronic blocks are loaded onto one of six vortexing mixers (0-2500 rpm). The sample undergoes a specified regime of agitation and settling before being loaded into a transmission scanning device. The transmission scanner uses a 470nm light source to assess how the transmission through the sample varies with height. A software algorithm is implemented to automatically determine the amount of precipitate. All vials are tracked using 2D barcodes allowing output transmission data to be outputted to a LIMS system.



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