Custom project

Large-scale, high throughput formulation system

Producing 100 pots a day and running for 24 hours a day, this high throughput system creates formulations. Accurate gravimetric dispensing and formulation.
Labman custom system: Large-scale, high throughput formulation system

Key features

Solids DispensingSolids dispensing
Viscous Liquid DispensingViscous liquid dispensing
Bulk Liquid DispensingBulk liquid dispensing
Liquid DispensingBulk liquid dispensing
Barcode TrackingBarcode tracking throughput
Data ExportData export for integration with analysis processes
Samples Per DayThroughput of 100 samples per day
Unattended OperationUnattended operation for 24 hours
Safety System & EnclosureState of the art safety system and enclosure


System Overview.

Labman completed the commissioning of a high throughput formulation system in 2008. The system was developed jointly between Labman, the customer and the customer’s technology research department. Formulations typically contain six to seven powders, six viscous liquids and three low viscosity liquids. All additions of materials are performed gravimetrically and measured to 0.1mg. Dispensing accuracy varies with material but typically powders were dispensed to +/-2mg, viscous liquids +/-8mg and large volume bulk liquids to +/-15mg. The formulation is mixed twice during the automated preparation using a Hauschild Dual Axis Centrifuge (DAC) supplied by Speedmixer. The sample pots are automatically capped before being loaded into the DAC for mixing. After mixing, the sample is removed and de-capped before further material addition. The system runs unattended for 24 hours/day and produces 100 pots each day.



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