Custom project

Viscous liquids dispensing module

A large formulation system centred around a viscous liquids dispenser that dispenses liquids from standard 30ml disposable syringes.
Labman custom system: Viscous liquids dispensing module

Key features

Dispense VolumeDispense volume of 1 drop – 30ml
Dispense AccuracyDispense accuracy with SD of error less than 3mg
Dispensing of LiquidsDispensing of liquids up to 80000cps viscosity
Gravimetric DispensingGravimetric dispensing
Dispense TimeTypical dispense time of 90 seconds per dispense
Capacity for SyringesCapacity for 20 30ml syringes
Disposable SyringesDisposable syringes


System Overview.

In 2008, Labman installed a large formulation system in the UK. A key module in the formulation system was a viscous liquids dispenser. The dispensing system dispenses liquids from standard 30ml disposable syringes. The carousel of syringes is automatically indexed above the sample container and balance. Liquids are gravimetrically dispensed using parameters retrieved from a database of known liquids. The system can dispense from around 5-10ul (1 drop) to 30ml (1 syringe). A typical dispense of around 100ul requires 90 seconds to complete but varies with liquid viscosity. The system automatically caps and de caps syringes to prevent drying of sample in the tip of the syringe.



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