Accelerated weathering and analysis for architectural coatings

Improving efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in testing and data analysis through simulated weathering of architectural coatings.
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Bring the precision, speed and safety of architectural weathering to your laboratory
Controlled weatheringSimulate weathering conditions such as sunlight, rain, and temperature changes. Benefit from precise control over testing parameters ensuring that the coatings are exposed to consistent and reproducible weathering conditions. Custom built enclosures enable testing of all sample sizes, whilst ensuring operator safety, energy efficiency and automated drainage/extraction.
Automated corrosion Labman can engineer rigs to physically corode/scrub surfaces to assess the durability of samples. Systems can be custom engineered to handle almost any weathering tools such as brushes or scrapers to enable round the clock, repeatable weathering. Pressure, time and motion can be controlled for accurate durability testing against the physical properties of the sample.
Advanced imagingHigh-resolution cameras and imaging systems can capture detailed images of coated surfaces before and after weathering. Software can be designed to automatically upload image data to third-party software and existing LIMS. The data is reliably captured, stored and exported for easy analysis to detect and quantify defects such as cracks, fading, or blistering.
Data collectionSensors and data loggers can automatically collect data on environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, UV intensity) and coating performance (adhesion, thickness). Automated spectrophotometers and colorimeters can measure changes in color, gloss, and other optical properties of the coatings. These devices can operate continuously and provide real-time data.
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Weathering analysis is a critical quality control step in architectural coatings manufacturing. Testing against the long term effects of external weathering is essential to optimise against common problems such as colour fading, yellowing, cracking, delamination, gloss loss, blistering, embrittlement and oxidation.

 Labman have a history of experience in providing weathering simulators, controlled environments and scrub systems, as well as integration of a range of imaging and analysis devices.

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