Custom project

BOD incubator system

Available as an optional add on to the Labman BOD system or as a standalone unit these incubators offer flexibility over regular off the shelf incubators
Labman custom system: Bod incubator system

Key features

Humidity RangeAmbient humidity range 20% – 80%
Temperature RangeAmbient temperature range 10C – 30C
Use Existing Racks and BottlesThe system can be customised to use your existing racks and bottle
Customisable Bottle SizeSize is customised to your requirements – up to 500 BOD bottles can be incubated together
Based on WindowsMicrosoft Windows based logging software for temperature history and export
Temperature Set PointAdjustable temperature set point
Temperature ControlAutomatic temperature control 20C +/- 0.5C


System Overview.

Available as an optional add on to the Labman BOD robots or as a standalone unit these incubators have been successfully installed in several water laboratories. These systems provide a little more flexibility over regular off the shelf incubators, especially for storage of large numbers of bottles and racks. One installation even had the whole of the BOD robot enclosed inside the incubator itself allowing samples to be processed on Friday and left over the weekend.



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